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Sounds like you're on a good plan. I never exercise

Posted by JWin on 2:16:53 pm - September 28, 2004

for an hour at a time believe it or not. On my running days it's usually 30 minutes and then I progress up to 38 minutes by Friday. On my gym days I only use free weights and I'm only in the gym about 30 minutes.

I think there's a point where you can overdue exercise, especially aerobic exercise. I don't do any classes at all, I've never been on that eliptical thing, but I do have a recumbent bike that I'll use in winter probably and then back to my darn dreadmill when the weather's too bad to be outside...yuk.

I really think 30 minutes a day 5 days a week is plenty, plus when I keep to that schedule I don't feel like I'm burned out on exercise. But I also take days off. Like today...I just wasn't up to getting up early and going to the gym. And I know I won't go tonight because I have too much to do after work. But hey...I'll be out there running again tomorrow. That's the key, everything in moderation. And you gotta cut yourself some slack. :)

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